“It’s more dangerous not to prescribe Statin because of the possible outbreak of diabetes”

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- NECA announces the consensus statement in the round-table conference

[by Gi Taek Park, KBMBR]

Experts released the statement about Statin that has caused the possible outbreak of diabetes when people take it for a long time. According to the statement, if Statin isn’t prescribed to patients with hyperlipidemia etc., the risk of the outbreak of diabetes can increase. Rather, it’s better to continuously monitor patients after doctors fully explain the side effects.

The ‘NECA round-table conference for successful use of Statin; consensus statement’ appeared in ‘Evidence and Values in Healthcare’ recently released by the National Evidence-based Healthcare Collaborating Agency.

The statement includes the results were discussed by experts from internal medicine, cardiology, and preventive medicine etc., experts for drug research methodology, and experts from the related organizations in the NECA round-table conference.

They discussed ▲ Does the outbreak of cardiovascular diseases decrease after taking Statin? ▲ Does the outbreak of diabetes increase after taking Statin? ▲ What are the messages from the medical field for successful use? and unanimously adopted the statement.

The statement indicates Statin is the effective drug to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as improving abnormal lipid metabolism, decreasing the outbreak of coronary artery diseases and the mortality rate caused by cardiovascular diseases. In the group of people who are recommended to take Statin, but have high potentials for diabetes, the risk of the outbreak of cardiovascular diseases can be lowered after taking Statin, they added.

And it also states given the research about Statin, people should be cautious to take the drug because taking it can increase the outbreak of diabetes.

The proof of its effect to prevent cardiovascular diseases for people with dyslipidemia is available, but at the same time, Statin can increase the risk of diabetes. But given the effect to prevent cardiovascular diseases, it’s more dangerous not to prescribe it because of the risk of diabetes.

Therefore, doctors have to fully explain its effect and mechanism, side effects, and cost etc. to patients and prescribe it based on individual characteristics and drug preference. And also, they need to continuously monitor them.

Gi Taek Park

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